Guided Tours of the Zonneberg Caves

Do you dare go underground? Not afraid of the dark? Go exploring in the caves below the St. Pietersberg hill. No light, no sound, no smell, no radiation, no pollution, no mobile phone signal, no idea of time…

Your guide will make sure you don't get lost in the man-made galleries, which once measured 230 km in total and measure around 80 km today. Almost 50,000 Maastricht residents sheltered in the expensive cave network during the Second World War. An evacuation area with electric lightning, a public address system, a bakery, chapels, toilets, a small hospital, water pumps and many more! All facilities were constructed underground, though never put into fill use. Remnants of them can still be seen in the Zonneberg Caves.

Admission prices for the Zonneberg Caves (Guided tours only)
Adults: € 7.20
Children aged 4-12 years: € 5.70
Duration: +/- 1 hour
Address: Slavante 1, Maastricht

Ticket sales: If you click on the times shown under "Time / Tickets", you can book places on the tours online. Tickets are also available at the Maastricht Visitor Center (Kleine staat 1, Maastricht).