Guided Tours of Fort Sint Pieter

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Fort St. Pieter is perched high above the Meuse river on the south side of the city, and is directly connected with the caves in St. Pietersberg hill via underground tunnels. You are sure to enjoy both the view from the fort and the stories told by your guide, mixing history with anecdotes and humour. The fort dates from around 1700 and is largely still intact, with parts recently restored. The fort is made up of several levels and is equipped with various large and small cannons and mortars. Your guide will show you beautiful and interesting spots in and around the fort, taking you back in time!

Admission prices for Fort Sint Pieter
Adults: € 6.75
Children aged 4-12 years: € 5.30

These tickets are non-refundable.
Or buy a combination-ticket for Fort St. Pieter and the North Caves! 

Admission prices for a combination: Fort St. Pieter and North Caves
Adults: €10.40
Children aged 4-12 years: € 8.00

These tickets are non-refundable.
Ticket sales: If you click on the times shown under "Time / Tickets", you can book places on the tours online. Tickets can also be bought on the spot at the ticket office next to Chalet Bergrust, Luikerweg 71, Maastricht.