Is it possible to visit Maastricht Underground on my own, without a tour guide?
No, without a professional guide you could get lost or get hurt. For your safety it is only possible to take a guided tour in Maastricht Underground.

Am I allowed to bring my dog on a Maastricht Underground tour?
Dogs are allowed, if on a leash. Exceptions are: special tours like kickbike tours and tours for kids.

Can I use a (electric) wheelchair or stroller on a tour in Maastricht Underground
The North Caves and Zonneberg Caves are accessible for everyone. The casemates and Fort St. Pieter are unfortunately not accessible for strollers or people with reduced mobility as these tours involve  going up and down many stairs.
How can I purchase tickets for Maastricht Underground?
- Via this website, it is possible to book tickets for all Maastricht Underground activities online.
- At the main ticketoffice of Maastricht Underground (Address: Luikerweg 71, Maastricht). This ticketoffice is at the start of the North Caves an Fort St. Pieter tours, however it is possible to book tickets for all Maastricht Underground tours.
- At the Maastricht Visitor Center (Tourist office, Kleine Staat 1, Maastricht).

Do I need to print my ticket?
No, this is not necessary. You can bring them on print or digital on your phone. We can scan the QR-code from the screen of your phone.
What is the easiest way to get to Maastricht Undergroud?
Please , click here

What is the difference between the North Caves and the Zonneberg Caves?
Both caves are a part of the big tunnel system in the hill of mount Sint Pieter. The entrances are at different locations. There are daily tours in the North Caves and this entrance is closest to the city center (Address: Luikerweg 71). You can reach the entrance of the Zonneberg Caves (Address: Slavante 1) by car or boat (Rederij Stiphout. There are tours in English at this location every day in the Dutch summer holiday (check for specific dates under “Zonneberg Caves”).
Both tunnel systems are formed by mining (former limestone mine). The stones were used as a building material. In total 20,000 tunnels were made this way of which 8,000 are still intact.
A big part of both tours is more or less the same. But there are also some differences. Both systems have some unique features:

  • The Kluis (Vault), was used to store famous paintings during WW2 in the North Caves.
  • The remains of the big evacuation plan from WW2 are still visible at the Zonneberg Caves.
  • The big explosion dome where the French tried to blow up Fort Sint Pieter is in the North Caves.
  • The remains of the 18th century shelter are visible at the North Caves.

Note: The tour guide has to make a selection from all of the interesting sight to see in the cave every tour. If you would like to see a specific feature; please ask your tour guide at the start of the tour.

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